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Do you have a Flabby Mind?

Category: Uncategorized Author: Denise Rizvi

Do you have a flabby mind? Does your minds critical voice make you feel like a slave to uncertainty, stress, and overwhelm? Do panic or anxiety wake you up at night? Would your life be better if you could take charge of your thoughts, knew the secrets for self mastery and were enjoying a strong, confident mind? If you answered yes to any of the above, then check out this workshop! Self Mastery & Meditation In this 6 week class, I'll share: • Tools and techniques that really …Read More


New Thoughts, New Life. Same Thoughts, Same Life.

Category: Living Consciously, Meditation Author: Denise Rizvi

We’ve all heard the adage, “Change your thinking, Change your life”, right? But how do we do that? Our minds are literally programmed to go back to what is comfortable and safe even when it doesn’t produce the results we want in our lives. For example, have you ever set your new year’s resolutions with the best of intentions only to find an old journal or resolution list from previous years that have the same goals you set this year? You may want to lose the same 10 pounds, take tha…Read More


Gratitude: A Personal Practice

Category: Living Consciously, Meditation, Soulful Life Coaching Author: Denise Rizvi

Last month in Money magazine, I saw an article entitled, ‘Never worry about money again’. I thought that sounded interesting so I started reading. While there were a lot of practical suggestions on money management, investing and saving, what struck me were the suggestions on how to be happier with what we already have. It said, ‘People who deliberately cultivate feelings of gratitude for their good fortune in life feel happier ’ and ‘accumulating more things rarely leads to lasting ha…Read More


3 Simple Steps For A Happier Day

Category: Living Consciously, Soulful Life Coaching Author: Denise Rizvi

Did you know we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day? That’s about 50 thoughts a minute. Amazing! But when we stop to notice the quality of all those thoughts, we may be surprised to see that about 70% or more are negative, judgmental, critical, unhappy and anxious. We think most often of all that is not working in our lives, what we are dissatisfied with, and how much we have to do. These thoughts make us feel stressed, unfulfilled, worried about our future, regretful and hurt abo…Read More

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